Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document authorising someone you trust to make decision on your behalf if you are no longer able or no longer want to make your own decisions.

There are two types of LPAs :-

1) Lasting Power of Attorney for financial affairs;
2) Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare.

There are a number of reasons why you may need someone to make decisions or act on your behalf.

  •  It could be a temporary situation – for instance if you are in hospital or on holidays and need help with paying your bills.
  • Or it could apply in a more permanent scenario, for example if you have been diagnosed with dementia and may lose mental capacity to make you own decision in the future.

Making a LPA is empowering as it leaves you in charge. This is because it  is you who selects and appoints your own attorney(s) and it is you who direct how your affairs are to be managed. My Local Solicitor limited is a law firm specialising in the preparation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney. We are more than happy to discuss your situation and,  if instructed, tailor make LPAs to fit your particular circumstances.

Consequences of not having an LPAs;

If  there comes a time in the future when you don’t have the mental capacity to make or communicate your own decisions, and you haven’t created a valid Lasting Power of Attorney it will be necessary for the Court of Protection to become involved and appoint a so called Deputy to act on your behalf. This could be a very lengthy, stressful  and often expensive process. Here at My Local Solicitor Ltd we are experienced in dealing with  Court of Protection matters and will be happy to assist. Having said that, we strongly recommend that you don’t wait until making such application becomes necessary. Prevention is always better than cure! We often like to compare the LPAs to insurance policy: one hopes that they will never become useful however should the worse happen LPAs are there registered and ready to use. The best thing about LPA is that it only attracts one payment. Money well spent we say.cropped-portfolio-7.jpg

Be careful:

If you’re married or in a civil partnership, you may have assumed that your spouse would automatically be able to deal with your bank accounts and pensions, and make decisions about your healthcare, if you lose the ability to do so. This is not the case.  

Should you have any questions about any aspect of LPAs or Court of Protection matters please do not hesitate to contact My Local Solicitor Ltd on 01244 478 730 or by email:

We are here to help!

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