Heir hunters have secured £300,000 for a mother of four based in London.

Margaret Abbots, 80, received a letter reporting the vast inheritance from a professional heir-hunting organisation called Finders international. First reading the document, Abbots thought the letter a scam and nearly disregarded it but on closer examination realised its veracity.

The letter outlined that an elder, half-sister who Abbots had never met named Mary Major, had died but not left a will. Without leaving instructions for her wishes, widowed and without children the entire estate would rightfully belong to Major’s next of kin, Abbots.

Stunned by the revelation, Abbots contacted the number listed in the letter and spoke to a member of Finders International’s East London Office in Hoxton.

Abbots commented:

‘I could not believe it. I had never come close to such an amount and did not even know how to write the figures.’

Solicitors acting on behalf of Major’s estate hired Finders International to track down the rightful heir of her estate. From receipt of the letter to receiving payment took Abbots 18 months in total.

With the awarded funds, Abbots has been able to pay off her mortgage, take a vacation and gift her children some of the money. A portion of the inheritance will be used by Abbots to cover the cost of a carer. She stated:

‘The money will help me in later life, but I wish I had met my sister, as I had no one growing up. I’m glad my children have each other.’

Figures indicate that in 2018, over 2,000 individuals died without a will in place.

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