Three brothers are suing their sister who inherited a south London home valued at £1m.

According to The Daily Mail, Anna Rea was cared for round the clock by her daughter Rita in her last years. When Rea died in 2016 age 86, her daughter was the sole inheritor of her estate. Believing her sons had abandoned her, Anna altered her will in her final years. Brothers David, Remo and Nino are now challenging the decision, stating their sister had lied to their mother to secure the entire estate for herself.

The final will was drawn up only eight months before Rea died in 2016 cancelling the will and testament made previously in 1986 that divided her estate between the four siblings equally. Along with the alteration to whom the estate was bequeathed, the will also included a declaration by Rea stating her sons had not cared for her and added:

“Hence should any of my sons challenge my estate I wish my executors to defend any such claim, as they are not dependent on me and I do not wish for them to share in my estate save what I have stated in this will.”

The brothers are now fighting in London’s High Court for equal shares of the estate, claiming their mother was pressured to draw up a new will. Barrister for the daughter, John Ward-Prowse, stated the brothers has failed to provide firm evidence that cast any doubt on Rea’s new will and asked the judge for a confirmation of this in “solemn form”.

The judge has chosen to reserve judgement and will give his verdict at a later date.

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