A man who claims his father’s will excluded him has taken his niece to court in an attempt to secure his share of an inheritance worth £2.4m.

Colin Johnston, 77, states he was resented by his mother from birth and that both his parents, including father Sidney Johnston, favoured his brother Gary. His parents purchased manorial titles of Lord and Lady for themselves as well as Gary, but snubbed Colin.

While Johnston’s mother passed away in 2013 and his brother Gary died in 2016, it was not until 2017 that his father died at the age of 95. In his last will and testament, Johnston’s father cut him out, with the entirety of the estate passing to Natalie Wackett, the daughter of Gary. Johnston is now suing Wackett, arguing he should receive one half of the seven-figure estate.

Wackett claims Johnston’s “serious gambling habit” led to a family rift that resulted in his disinheritance, adding that her uncle was loved by his parents.

Johnston stated in court that he currently struggles to support himself financially and is working as a driver part time due to his father failing to make appropriate provision for his son within his will. He also suggested that the £2.4 million fortune may be far larger than revealed. With hidden assets that include South African gold, Johnston commented the estate may be worth as much as £13m.

The continuing case is presided by Judge Edwin Johnson QC.

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