Careful consideration is always advised when appointing an Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). You should try and choose someone you trust to make decisions in your interests and who is reliable, with the right skills for the role.

It’s perfectly possible to select more than one attorney. While there is no limit, typically four is the maximum number appointed.

If you opt for multiple attorneys, for example, you might nominate your children, you must choose how they will act. They can either make decisions as one, referred to as “jointly”, or act separate from each other, known as “severally”. It’s also possible for you to choose that they act in a combination of ways.

Attorneys acting jointly

When selecting for your attorneys to act jointly, they can only act together. This means that all your attorneys will need to agree before any decisions can be made. It also means that when documents need completing, all attorneys will be required to sign them.

Attorneys acting jointly and severally

Should you choose for your attorneys to act jointly and severally, they will be empowered to act both together and on their own. With this option, all your attorneys can make decisions in your interest without consulting each other.

Attorneys acting jointly on some matters but severally on other

In picking this third option, you can detail specific decisions on which all your attorneys must agree. You can also outline when they can make choices for you independently. For example, you may insist they jointly agree medical treatments but allow them to act individually regarding your diet.

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