Assigning a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a wise way to ensure that if you are no longer able to make personal or financial decisions for yourself, you are cared for a manner of your choosing by the person you select.

If you’ve decided to create an LPA, you’ll need to complete the compulsory application process whether it concerns Health and Welfare, or Property and Affairs, or both. Before submitting your forms, you might be curious to know the costs involved in applying.

Application costs for LPAs

The cost of a power of attorney is only £82, however this fee is payable for each specific LPA. If you wish to establish an LPA for Property and Affairs as well as one for Health and Welfare you will need to pay double this figure, £164. Should you need to redo your application or make an amendment, you’ll need to pay again however, repeat applications benefit from a 50% discount reducing the amount payable to £41 per each LPA you wish to nominate.

Professional assistance in your corner

To avoid unnecessary mistakes and fees payable when reapplying, it’s well worth getting someone in a legal capacity to oversee your application. While you will need to pay a solicitor an additional fee, a document as important as an LPA application, which gives power to make decisions to an individual you trust to act on your behalf, can strongly benefit from legal support and advice. With expert help on your side, you can feel assured that you’ll be well taken

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