If you are a solicitor with a current practising certificate and always fancied the idea of freelancing but do not want to give away the security, support and insurance which an established law firm provides, please continue reading…

I was always a strong believer that there is a better way of practising law. When I set up My Local Solicitor (MLS) in 2018, I had a clear vision of what I wanted the firm to become.  I wanted to create a law firm in which solicitors from all over the country are able to be what they worked so hard to be: a solicitor.  

To practice in peace, keep the majority of their billings and to grow both professionally and personally.  Ultimately, to live a more balanced and happy life.  

I know that the majority of people think we have it all, career, money and prestige but the truth is we need a support system and we all deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives, and yes, that includes solicitors, who on the face of it already have it all! 

From what I have seen in recent years, too many solicitors are deciding that they simply can’t take the stress anymore.  They often change careers out of pure exhaustion never reaching their full potential.  All those years of education, experience and training lost (although the post-grad loan often remains reminding us about this “failure” like clockwork on a monthly basis).  It would appear that too many good and honest professionals are no longer prepared to sacrifice their family life for an often-toxic working environment, overwhelming number of demanding clients and low pay.  

MLS vison


What would happen if you kept the majority of your billings?  

Well, suddenly, you don’t need to run hundreds of files at one go.  You are not overworked and stressed.  Your family life improves.  Your attention to detail and quality of work improves.  This makes you happy. You feel fulfilled.  You know your client’s files inside out and it shows!  You know exactly who the client is when he/she rings you (remember those awkward moments when you have no idea until you grab the file…).  Your clients get the professional service they have probably never experienced elsewhere.  Happy solicitor = happy client.  Do you see how this works?

I have been trying to improve the situation one day at a time through building My Local Solicitor from scratch. Do want to join me in my mission? If so, please contact me for further details on freelancing with My Local Solicitor and share if you can.  All legal disciplines considered.  


Are you ready to take the leap?


We are looking for pro-active, motivated and entrepreneurial lawyers who are passionate about delivering legal services and obtaining a better work-life balance.

At MLS our approach is all about quality not quantity.  We want to treat every single consultant with the care and attention they deserve. We intend to grow strong.  Growing “fast” is not a priority.  Our primary aim is to make MLS a superb and reliable environment for our consultant so they can grow and progress their legal carrier in harmony with their family life.  

Better income

We all have a different vision of what success means for us.  MLS offers a fairer financial reward, and complete control and flexibility over your career in law. You work how, when and where you want.  The only targets you will ever have in MLS are the targets you set for yourself.  

Full insurance

If you become one of our self-employed consultants, any work carried out under the MLS umbrella will be covered by our indemnity insurance.


Lawyers worldwide are no longer prepared to sacrifice their family life for an often-toxic working environment and an overwhelming number of demanding clients in return for a capped salary.  MLS offers an ultimate alternative.

We believe that agile working is the way forward and that traditional working routines are much less affective in today’s reality.

Our self-employed lawyers have freedom to design and control the path their carrier is going along.  Long hours, unrealistic targets and responsive rather than proactive culture is simply not on our radar.  Our approach results in better work-life balance, better mental health and overall better productivity and effectiveness.

Support network

MLS will provide you with access to administrative, marketing, compliance and paralegal support to help you grow your client base and grow your career in law. If required, we can provide access to restrictive covenant experts, tax advice and planning, sourcing office equipment, secretarial support and much, much, more.

Do you want to find out more? Contact Marta today.
































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