Landlord and tenant disputes are sadly very common. These disputes are wide-ranging and can involve rent arrears, liability for repairs, harassment, or a bad housing claim, for example. We can advise you whether you are a landlord or tenant. Early help from a qualified and experienced MLS Solicitor can provide an effective and fast resolution.

For Landlords, we understand that protecting your investment and ensuring a continuing flow of income is your main priority. We can advise on a variety of issues including, but not limited to: drafting new tenancy agreements; observing statutory regulations; rent reviews; eviction and issuing possession proceedings.

For tenants, we understand that you want to live in a safe property, and receive all the services you are entitled to, free from any disturbance. Our solicitors can advise on many issues: housing disrepair, including compensation claims for disrepair and emergency injunctions; tenancy deposit protection scheme disputes; the proper notice period your landlord must serve to gain lawful possession.

Why choose MLS?

Here at MLS, we understand that whether you are a landlord or tenant, dealing with a dispute can be distressing, destabilising and time consuming. MLS is perfect if you are a busy landlord or tenant, as our experienced and qualified solicitors, can come to you instead. Our specialists will expertly guide you through the legal complexities of any landlord and tenant issue.

We offer a friendly and straight-forward service, tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of all landlords and tenants. Our transparent approach to legal pricing, with fixed fees and a flexible pay by hour service, means there are no unexpected costs.

Your Local Solicitor can provide you with client focused advice to prevent disputes escalating to litigation. This ensures disputes are solved quickly, stress is reduced and no money is wasted. However, we also have the knowledge and expertise to represent you if litigation is necessary.


  • Advice on right to rent documents
  • Tenancy agreements (drafting new agreements and checking existing agreements)
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities (e.g. repairing obligations)
  • Advice on tenancy deposit protection scheme and deposit deductions
  • Rent arrears (manage collection of rent arrears)
  • Sub-letting
  • Tenant eviction (advice, drafting and serving Section 8 and Section 21 Notices)
  • Unfair rent increases/rent disputes
  • Local Authority regulation (e.g. application for property licence/HMO/selective licence)
  • Tenant or landlord harassment & anti-social behaviour
  • Tenant or landlord disputes with neighbours (e.g. nuisance/boundary disputes)
  • Unlawful occupation (e.g. squatters)
  • Claims for bad housing (Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Claims)
  • Lease renewal/variations/surrenders/buying freehold
  • Service charge disputes
  • Dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation or arbitration)
  • Court representation (e.g. Possession Order hearing)


  • Upon making an enquiry our principal will be able to match you with the perfect solicitor for your legal matter.
  • You will be invited to a free consultation call where your local solicitor will advise you on costs, time scale and the general procedure for your type of matter, so you can make an informed decision on instructing a solicitor.
  • Once we are instructed you will be welcomed to our MLS client family. You will be amazed at the level of service and professionalism our solicitors provide their clients.
  • You will agree on the preferred method of communication and will be given a direct telephone number and email address for the Solicitor to make any need for contact simple and straight-forward. You can relax in the knowledge that highly skilled professionals are looking after your legal interests.
  • The same solicitor deals with your case from start to finish.


If you would like specialist advice, then please call 01244 478730 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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