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As a new business owner there may be some uncertainty as to which legal documents your business may require. Legal advice will change depending on whether you are a sole trader, partnership or company and what product/service you are providing. Some documents will be needed more than others and you may need to focus on certain legislation more than others.

At MLS we love supporting start-ups and small businesses and can assist in a clear and hassle-free way.  The legal foundation of a business is its cornerstone, and our bespoke and independent advice and assistance service can help any business with its legal basics so that it may thrive.

At MLS we understand that every business has very different needs and so we offer bespoke and personalised legal advice just for your business.

We are experts in getting business start-ups off on the right foot.  Our business start-up solicitors proved flexible, cost-effective legal advice to help you identify your legal requirements and grow your business the safe and legal way.

Get in touch on 01244 478730 to discuss our essential legal documents package which includes:

  • A consultation with a qualified and experienced solicitor.
  • Terms & conditions of business.
  • Confidentiality agreement.
  • Consultancy agreement/employment contract.
  • Reasonable amendments.
  • Final documents.