My Local Solicitor Ltd. offers considerably lower fixed fees than those quoted by High Street firms. Additionally, unlike High Street firms, we don’t charge VAT so our Clients save a further 20%.

My Local Solicitor’s fees: Wills

Single straightforward Will £200.00 no VAT

Mirror Will (straight forward)

Complex Will  

Mirror Will (complex)                                                                                                             


£300.00 no VAT

£300.00 no VAT

£400.00 no VAT



The majority of Wills we prepare for our Clients are straightforward (approximately 60 %).  More complex Wills will be discussed in detail and a no obligation quote will then be given to each Client prior to instruction. 

My Local Solicitor’s fees: Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (Property) £225.00 no VAT
Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health) £225.00 no VAT
Combined Lasting Powers  of Attorney £400.00 no VAT


Please note that in relation to applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney there is an additional fee payable directly to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).  Most applicants will pay an £82 registration fee per Power of Attorney. The OPG fees may differ slightly depending on the circumstances and the nature of the application.

For Clients who can demonstrate their eligibility for a fee reduction in relation to the OPG fees, steps will be taken in order to obtain such reduction on behalf of the Client at no extra cost.

Further discount will be offered for clients taking for our package deals. Please contact us for further details.


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